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Organizing a large collection might not be as easy for some as it is for others. In case you find yourself lost between hundreds of files and you don't know where to begin, a friend with more solid organizational skills can help you by using Virtual Ghost Explorer to remotely send you suggestions on how your folders should be structured.

What this application actually does is help you share folder structures with other users. Of course, it practical use is not limited to that. Such an instrument can also come in handy in situations when you want to show files stored on your computer to your friend without actually sharing them or allowing remote access to your PC.

Virtual Ghost Explorer

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Virtual Ghost Explorer is intuitive enough to have beginners get accustomed to it in minutes, if not faster. Its plain simple interface makes it very easy to work with and the options in the menus are understandable.

Most of the GUI is occupied by the navigation pane, where you can view the folder structure you built. Via the 'File' menu you can quickly open a directory to view its content and add new folders to the schema. Existing directories can be deleted and the navigation pane can be cleared just as easy.

Folder structures are saved locally in VGE format, which can be quickly sent to your friend. As you might imagine, the other users must also use Virtual Ghost Explorer Serial to open the file.

Additionally, Virtual Ghost Explorer enables one to replicate a folder structure on their computer. This means that an exact copy of the loaded directory schema will be created in a user-defined location, but note that the contents of the folders are not copied.

Virtual Ghost Explorer makes it possible for you to share folder structures with other users, letting them know about the collection of files you own and the way it is organized in categories. For instance, you can use it to let a friend choose the songs in your library he or she wants you to send over.