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Fedora has two major meanings depending on your software knowledge level. It is, at the same time, a hat (a fairly common hat) and an operating system based on the Linux kernel. On its computer side, Fedora is the most accessed RPM-based Linux distribution while sitting in third place in the overall top of Linux-based operating systems as of January 2012.

Fedora also adds to the list of operating systems featuring a transformation pack for the Windows OS. This time, the Fedora Transformation Pack addresses the Windows XP and 2003 users as long as they run a 32-bit system, regardless of their edition or installation language. The package contains the UXTheme Patch, DLL, EXE, CPL, OCX modified files as well as tweaked Outlook Express or Address Book files.

Fedora Transformation Pack

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You are allowed to fully customize the deployment of the pack within its installer and choose to add Fedora-inspired visual styles, screensaver or wallpaper. This instantly enhances the overall look of your desktop by changing most of the system's icons, color scheme and effects. Fedora Transformation Pack also includes TaskSwitchXP for visual impact and improved window switching, `True Transparency` for eye-candy and slightly elevated window browsing and `Visual Tooltip` for seamless integration of notifications within the system.

Moreover, the MSN Messenger application receives a new skin to better fit in the newly applied scenery. Alongside common icons such as `My Computer,` `My Documents` or `Recycle Bin,` Fedora Transformation Pack Serial also changes most of the Control Panel, Start Menu and System Tray items comprising the Calculator, Notepad, Regedit, Sound or Task Manager. The overall view changes dramatically so you can experience a sleeker version of one the most widely spread operating systems.

While not being the number one pick when it comes to all-in-one visual transformation software, Fedora Transformation Pack is one of the most downloaded applications in its category on Softpedia. It sits right after the Windows 8 Transformation Pack and the Longhorn Transformation Pack. This makes it the top choice for Windows XP and 2003 users that want to bring the magic of a Linux-based OS to their system.