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Everything that makes your computer function the way it does, good or bad is determined by the set of hardware components. These are all tested out before placed on sale, but you can perform individual tests on your personal PC. The tools you need are for benchmarking, and System Stability Tester wants to help you out with exactly what the name suggests.

The application aims to test out your RAM and CPU to provide accurate results. Thus, it comes in both x64 and x86 architectures, so be sure to grab the one that suits your system to get proper feedback.

System Stability Tester

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On the visual side of things, the application sports a clean layout, with all features in plain sight, wrapped around a classic window design. Most of the space is reserved for testing info and results, with log generated in real time, although your PC is put under a lot of pressure. Parameters you need to set, as well as trigger functions are stored in a side panel, with intuitively tagged buttons.

General system info is shown, such as the processor make, model, number of cores and frequency, and the same can be said about the memory unit. Before you press the Run button, make sure to save all your work and close any other running programs so that tests can be accurate.

What’s more, the application isn’t quite designed for individuals of all levels of experience, and a faulty management of features can considerably damage your system, or even literally fry your CPU. This is because all tests cases and configurations are put at your disposal, but this doesn’t mean your PC is up to the task.

The configuration process takes only a little while, but some degree of knowledge. You get to use several drop-down menus in order to select weight of PI digits to generate, number of turns, CPU threads to use, as well as the algorithm, which can either be Borwein or Gauss-Leg. According to values you set, it can take some time to finish.

Sadly, you can’t compare your results online, and the test is mostly for personal use. On the other hand, information is valuable and a tech savvy can easily tell whether or not hardware components malfunction, or something else interferes with the system.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that System Stability Tester Serial is a powerful benchmark utility that can put heavy amounts of pressure on your CPU and RAM, providing accurate results you need for testing hardware components. Just make sure you pick the right architecture and don’t set too much load, unless your intentions are destructive.