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If you're looking to simplify the way you install applications on Windows or you're missing the command line tools like Linuxbrew or Homebrew coming from Unix-based OSes, there's a very interesting utility that's well worth your attention and it goes by the name of Scoop.

In short, Scoop is a practical command line package manager that, just like the two popular utilities for macOS and Linux mentioned above, simplifies the installation of apps on any Windows system. The result? You got it: no more useless clicking during setup and no more annoying permission pop-ups.


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Before we dive deeper and tell you all about the official installation procedure, please note that you can install Scoop with a simple mouse click by using the .bat file hosted on our servers.

If you're going for the by-the-book-installation, you must first make sure that PowerShell 3 is present on your computer's system (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users should not worry). Next, launch a Command Prompt session, and type "PowerShell", hit Enter, and type the following command to initialize the setup process: "iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')"

The whole procedure should not take more than a couple of seconds, directly depending on your computer's specifications and Internet connection speed. If you're a first time user, type "scoop help" to get a list of all the available commands.

From here onwards, you can install any app from the Scoop Serial bucket with a simple command - "scoop install" (examples: "scoop install Git" and "scoop install Curl"). Following the same pattern, you can update the apps, view a list of all your installed apps, and even uninstall them.

We're fairly sure that some of you who are accustomed to command line tools know exactly what's what, but it's worth pointing out for the less experienced users out there that the hidden command for removing both Scoop and all the programs that have been installed using it is "scoop uninstall scoop".

Therefore, the conclusion is an obvious one: whether you're an advanced user that knows his/her way around command line tools or you're a rookie that wants to simplify the default Windows installation procedure of various apps, Scoop is definitely a must-try and probably one of the most useful apps out there.