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Macro Express Pro is an advanced software application specialized in creating macros for helping you automate common computer tasks, such as typing text, launching websites, downloading files, sending emails, and creating reminders. Macros can be activated using all sorts of triggers, such as hotkeys, window title, or via a schedule.

When you run the utility for the first time, a wizard pops out, helping you go through several configuration settings.

Macro Express Pro

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You can activate the system tray icon in order to gain quick access to the program’s features, display an icon when a macro is running, and define ‘shortkeys,’ which are used for typing in some text in order to trigger the activation of the macro.

What’s more, the application is able to send user-defined email messages or error logs to a custom email address, select the events that are captured when recording a macro, namely keystrokes and mouse actions, and adjust the macro playback speed.

Macro Express Pro may create backups at specific times or when the program shuts down so you can easily restore your macro files.

You are welcomed by a well-structured suite of features where you can keep all your macros organized in custom folders. In addition, the tool reveals details about each macro, such as name, date when it last modified, and last run time, and allows you to run, edit, disable, delete, or recapture the selected macro.

Macro Express Pro Serial helps you activate macros based on various triggers, such as hotkey, shortkey, schedule, window title, mouse event, control event, directory modification, system or process event, TCP/IP, clipboard text, or floating menu.

The application comes with support for a built-in editor that lets you customize a macro in detail. You may define scripts and variables, specify its scope (global for running in all programs, specific window/utility, or global with exceptions), password-protect the macro, and take notes.

You may create macro shortcuts on your desktop, record macros, and make use of several built-in wizards for creating macros related to text (e.g. generate a reminder, type a symbol), networking (e.g. send an email, go to a webpage), multimedia (e.g. play a video or audio CD-ROM), as well as system and files (e.g. launch or activate a tool, reboot or shut down, copy, delete or rename files, change the display resolution).

The utility comes bundled with a bunch of diverse macro samples that you can enable, such as access a program in the system tray, copy and paste repeatedly, hide a tool, paste text, play system sounds, process folder or text files, and rename a file with the date in the name.

What’s more, you can open the Control Panel, split and combine strings, type special characters, resize and reposition window, open Explorer folder, and show macro progress.

You may spend some time defining custom or preset macros but the results are surely worth the work. Macro Express Pro easies the macro creation process with its set of samples and built-in wizards, and impresses with its speedy actions.