USB Analyzer 4.0 Build 282 Crack & Serial Number

Every computer is fitted with at least one USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, which can be used to establish connection to almost any other machine or device. Chances are you need analysis of the target device, and if this is the case, then USB Analyzer is a pretty powerful application to help monitor and export logs.

You get the chance to have the application launched as soon as setup is done. Just as informed, a system restart is required to be able to analyze USB 3.0 ports, while all others are good to go immediately.

USB Analyzer

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A new session needs to be established first of all, with a small window letting you choose the target port and device. You can pick according to simple or advanced view, with the difference being that the simple view enlists devices by name. Quick filters like plug and play, IOCTL, URB, and USB function can be enabled on the spot, and you can choose to monitor the new session in a separate window.

The detected device is enlisted in a table showing different related events, with a single click enough to sort according to column headers. Two additional panels are there to display command view, and data view. These details can easily be selected and sent to clipboard for further processing in other programs.

More info can be obtained at the press of a button. The window which shows up displays device info like connection index, speed, address, descriptor, configurations, interface, endpoint descriptor, and more. All these values can be selected and sent to clipboard from the corresponding context menu.

In case you monitor multiple devices, it's pretty easy to apply filters. You can target all devices, and choose components, as well as the direction of data transfer to keep an eye on. There's a similar window to be used, but this one in order to identify specific devices. You can search by hexadecimal values, or text strings.

As mentioned, one method of exporting details is one field at a time from specific menus. However, entire logs of operations can be saved to files under formats like TXT, JSON, HTML, XML, and CSV for further processing.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that USB Analyzer Serial manages to live up to expectations, coming equipped with a powerful set of tools to monitor USB ports, including USB 3.0. Even inexperienced individuals can get the hang of things, with various options to apply filters, search, and export custom logs to file.