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Launched in 1982, the Commodore 64, also found under the monikers of C64, C-64, C=64, and even CBM 64 is still regarded as the best-selling computer of all time, with staggering sales reaching as near as 17 million units.

Besides its boxy shape and almost laughter-inducing, incredibly bulky keyboard, there's one more C64 iconic aspect that you might remember: its mauve/purple boot screen.

AlomWare 64

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Feeling nostalgic yet? If so, then you might want to check out AlomWare 64, a nifty little app that brings a bit of "oldschool" onto your computer's desktop by displaying real time PC statistics in a C64-inspired live wallpaper.

It can be deployed in mere seconds, by simply undergoing the straightforward, wizard-based installation process. Before we go a bit further into details, please note that this is NOT a C64 emulator or simulator, but merely an app that updates your computer's desktop wallpaper with real-time statistics.

Once launched, you are bound to notice that this is a fairly modern app, with comprehensive taskbar integration, a decent  documentation section, and tons of display modes and customization features. Right-click its system tray icon, and you are greeted by a surprisingly complex menu that bundles a lot of configuration options. There are basically two main sections, namely Hardware (that allows you to change the physical aspects of the app) and Software (from where you can randomize or "Poke" colors, as well as change display settings).

And that's not all, as the app also makes it possible for you to "play" custom texts, a night sky with a hidden object or the famous "CHR$(205.5)+RND(1)" maze, as well as Matrix-style number columns on your desktop. Of course, once you are happy with the changes done to the app, you can easily save its state from the same taskbar menu, within the dedicated section.

As we're sure you'll discover, the upper part of your wallpaper now displays the version of the app, followed by the total amount of RAM and the amount of free RAM right underneath and other various PC statistics like your computer's Windows version, the percentage of remaining battery power, the current time of day and the date, your PC's name and CPU type, your login username, and whether you have Admin rights or not, just to name a few examples.

There you have it: a forthright, nostalgia-inducing app that's definitely more than meets the eye at first and animates your computer's desktop with a statistics-filled Commodore 64 environment, while offering you enough customization, anti-boredom options.