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Keeping yourself and your computer's desktop well organized are probably two of the most crucial elements to keep in mind while striving towards greater productivity.

Even though they're not precisely a broadly-used solution for improving workflow, application launchers are definitely worthy of your attention if you want to make your environment more productive.


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Fortunately, there's no shortage of application launchers out there that work quite smoothly on Windows 10, each with its own unique mix of functions. However, you won't be frowned upon for preferring something a bit more stylish.

If that's the case, you may find typebox quite interesting. In short, it's a modern-looking, Electron-based application launcher that allows you to access installed programs by simply entering their name, directly from the desktop.

It's easy to install, it smoothly integrates with your computer's taskbar, and, thanks to its matte black-themed user interface, it also looks right at home on Windows 10. If your workflow usually revolves around the keyboard, the easiest way to summon the launcher on your desktop is by using the Ctrl+Alt+Space combination. If not, a single click on its taskbar icon should do the trick.

You can effortlessly launch apps by simply typing their name into typebox Serial's search bar. As a whole, the app is rather simple, however, you are provided with the options to add various apps to a Favorites section, to hide apps, and access a History section with the latest used apps.

In addition, by accessing any app's Options menu (by clicking the three dotted button from the right side of the main window), you can also open the file in question, open this specific file path in the CMD, navigate to the exact file location, copy it to your computer's clipboard, hide it or remove it from the Favorites.

Before we conclude, please note that typebox is still a very young project, therefore, a few bugs here and there are to be expected. And now, let's talk about the app's drawbacks for a bit.

For starters, the app's Electron-based, so it's by no means a lightweight application, especially when compared to other Windows launchers that are tiny compared to this. Furthermore, it doesn't handle URLs (not that it necessarily should) and, unfortunately, it can't search for files stored in various locations on your computer's HDD.

All things considered, typebox is pretty much a good application launcher. It may not be the lightest of the lot, and sure, it's not the most feature-packed. However, it does sport enough features to keep most day-to-day users happy, and, let's not forget that it really looks the part.