powerMAX 1.00.1 Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

powerMAX provides burn-in tests for both the CPU and the GPU, allowing you to evaluate their performance and stability in a simple manner. The two tests provided by powerMAX can test the most important hardware components of your system, while also checking the capabilities of the cooling system and the power supply unit.

It's important to keep in mind that running burn-in tests on your CPU and GPU with powerMAX puts the PC under stress with the ultimate purpose of revealing its weaknesses. Therefore, the mainboard, the video card, or the power supply unit might suffer significant damage.


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The developers of powerMAX decided to display a disclaimer message each time the application is started to remind you that you should handle powerMAX with care and use it only if you are aware of the potential risks.

Simple in design, the application's interface displays the list of available tests, allowing you to start any of them with the click of a button. You can also run both tests at the same time if you want to but note that this will put a strain on your system by maximizing the power consumption and the resource usage.

There are two available CPU tests, namely SSE and AVX. The generated power consumption and the temperature level depend on the CPU model but both tests generate 100% CPU load.

As for the GPU test, it plays a resource-demanding 3D scene, putting a stress on the video card. You are free to choose between the predefined values of the resolution to use. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the higher the GPU stress.

Please keep in mind that powerMAX Serial is not an actual benchmark utility, as it does not generate any performance score. Instead, it provides a series of tests for the GPU and the CPU to assess their capabilities, track their activity and their temperature in high-stress situations.