Eltima Serial Port Monitor 7.0 Build 342 Crack + License Key Updated

Eltima Serial Port Monitor can log, analyze and display the data exchange between serial devices or applications. The tool is capable of tracking all the data flows, whether they stem from applications or hardware connected to the PC via serial ports.

Eltima Serial Port Monitor allows you to monitor the usage of the serial ports supported by your system, as well as to explore the functionality of the operating system. The program can identify errors, malfunctions and other irregularities in the system or during the runtime of a certain piece of software/process.

Eltima Serial Port Monitor

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The tool enables you to create several filters to view only the relevant data and save time by tracking only certain events. It can also manage standard serial I/O Control requests and functions such as IRP or IOCTL. The program’s interface is split into several screens so that you can view tables, lines, dumps or terminals at the same time.

Eltima Serial Port Monitor Serial is capable of managing information flow from multiple COM ports at the same time. This feature makes it particularly useful in case you have an application that interacts with several ports or devices in a single session.

Eltima Serial Port Monitor also works as an emulator for sending data to serial devices, allowing you to manage the transfer of data strings, binaries, octals, decimals or hexadecimals. You can track the response of the monitored serial device on specific commands.

Eltima Serial Port Monitor can help you track, analyze and log the information sent or received between serial ports and applications/hardware. The tool can help you log the activities, filter the data and track only the events that interest you. Moreover, it is capable of monitoring several COM ports at the same time.