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To maintain the system in top shape, keeping your files organized is particularly important. Handling duplicates is one of the periodical tasks you simply have to perform, as they unnecessarily occupy storage space that could otherwise be used in a more efficient manner. There are many applications out there that allow you to clean up duplicates, and one of them is Argente Duplicate Finder.

This particular application is also available in the Argente Utilities package, but you can also download it separately and use it as a standalone app. Its purpose is to allow you to identify duplicate files located on your computer and help you get rid of them without too much of a hassle.

Argente Duplicate Finder

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The main window displays information about the maintenance operations you last performed, as well as the total amount of storage space you managed to release using the application. Everything is intuitive so you should face no issues while using Argente Duplicate Finder.

Argente Duplicate Finder features three different analysis modes, namely full, quick, and custom. While the quick mode scans accessible file locations such as the desktop, the full analysis targets all the drive partitions. Obviously, the latter scan takes much longer to complete, but the scanning speed is quite good, due to the application's advanced file comparison algorithm. As an alternative, you can also run custom scans where you decide upon the target location.

The search results are grouped by file type and displayed in a table, each file having a checkbox that allows you to select the data that should be deleted. However, you must go through each group of files and select dupes one group at a time, as there is no option to remove all the found duplicates in one go.

What's more, Argente Duplicate Finder Serial does not offer you alternatives to deleting a file (e.g., moving a file). Furthermore, there is no preview of images, as other similar applications have.

Argente Duplicate Finder delivers a fast dupe identification algorithm, but it does not allow you to choose the comparison criteria to apply. It's clear that it focuses on doing its job quickly and with as less trouble for the user as possible. Even so, there are a few glitches that some users might find annoying, as shown above.