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Braina is an intelligent personal assistant software that enables you to communicate with your computer and your Web browser by written or spoken commands, in English language.

Braina is designed as a messenger service, that can process both written and vocal commands. You can set certain voice options, in order to help the software recognize it easier. Thus, you can choose a voice gender or accent, between British and American English.


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Software developer
Grade 4.8
602 4.8
Downloads count 5425
File size < 1 MB
Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 10

Braina’s structure is close to that of a human interaction partner, in order to make your conversation with the software more comfortable.

One of the functions of Braina is a powerful searching engine, capable of finding the object of your query, whether you seek for local files or items on the Internet. You can command it to search for your favorite songs, on YouTube or on similar websites, to play movies or look for articles and international newspapers.

You can specify the entire title of the item you are searching for or a few key words. Braina features auto-fill functions, in order to help you complete the field faster. The software supports multiple modes of phrasing a search quest. You can give the standard command “Search for...” or phrase it as a question “Who is...?”.

Moreover, you can specify the URL or name of the website you wish to access. You may search for information on a certain topic, read news, even find synonyms for words in online Thesaurus or other dictionaries.

You may specify the full path of a program stored in a local folder, and Braina Serial can open it instantly. Standard operations, such as system shutdown or open file properties may also be easily accessed.

Braina can perform a wide range of calculi, from simple sums and fractions, to estimating square roots, percentages or detecting prime numbers in a string.

Additionally, you can command Braina to set memos, annotations or alarms with custom ringtones. You can recall any notes for editing or removing, just as easily as you created them.

Braina is a lightweight and smart application that can assist you when browsing through local folders, searching for files, quickly finding synonyms or performing calculi. You can also call for its help when navigating the Internet, for identifying information, songs, movies, news articles and many more.