BitLocker Drives Unlocker 1.2 Crack With License Key 2020

BitLocker Drives Unlocker provides you with an application to simplify the process of unlocking BitLocker encrypted drives. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a Microsoft security technology that can be found and utilized in Windows 7 (Ultimate and Enterprise editions), 8 (Pro and Enterprise editions) as well as Microsoft’s server platforms (2008, 2008 R2 and 2012).

BitLocker Drive Encryption helps you encrypt the contents of entire drives using the CBC mode of the AES encryption algorithm system. BitLocker encrypted volumes benefit from enhanced protection against data theft and, as Microsoft stated, it does not feature any backdoor, thus considerably decreasing the chance of a successful drive hack.

BitLocker Drives Unlocker

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On the other hand, Windows does not include a tool to quickly and easily manage encrypted drives. Locking and unlocking them can only be done separately and that takes more time than it would be necessary. This is where BitLocker Drives Unlocker comes into play, sporting great capabilities of locking as well as unlocking multiple drives simultaneously.

This particular piece of software has a very simple yet well-organized interface. This helps you save even more time by fast access to all of its functions from the get-go. Locked drives are instantly displayed in the focus area of the application and just by clicking on them, you are able to type in the password for each and every one of them. At this point, all you have to do is press the Unlock button in order for all of them to get unlocked, thus accessible.

Moreover, if you use one password alone for all of your locked drives, you only have to enter it once and then click on the “Same password for all” check box. BitLocker Drives Unlocker Serial can also be added to your Windows startup to have it up and running at all times.

All in all, BitLocker Drives Unlocker is a great tool for a great Microsoft feature. If you have been using BitLocker Drive Encryption with your volumes or starting to right now, then this nifty program is, undoubtedly, a must.