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Green PC Optimizer is a lightweight software capable of scanning your system and cleaning unnecessary temporary files. The software is designed to perform a security scan each time you open it and detect the temporary files that are stored in the system cache or browsers’ histories.

Green PC Optimizer’s purpose is to enhance the performance of your system by cleaning up unnecessary, junk files that are stored in the system over time. Most of these files are not large, but they are unnecessary to the functioning of any program or process. This is why, it is indicated that you erase them from your computer.

Green PC Optimizer

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This is where Green PC Optimizer comes in handy, since it can detect the temporary files stored in system folders or in browsers’ cache. It can perform thorough scans each time you open it, and display the number of detected files as the search is on-going.

Green PC Optimizer Serial can only remove the files it detects as temporary, when the security scan is finished. The software performs the process automatically, without displaying the list containing the scan results. Thus, it does not allow you to save certain temporary files from being deleted.

The application displays the amount of occupied space that you could clear, by deleting all the detected temporary files. When the scan is done, you can remove all the scan results. The software is configured to conduct the search in system folders and in the history of browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

With Green PC Optimizer, you may easily clean all the unnecessary temporary files from your computer, in order to reduce the occupied hard disk space. The software can easily clear the browser’s histories or search for temporary files in system folders. It can also calculate the amount of free space you can obtain by removing the detected files.