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Daily work conducted on a computer connected to the Internet is constantly under danger of being infiltrated by malicious software or attackers. Operating systems come equipped with safety systems such as Windows Firewall, but there are more advanced options with thorough permission handling options, one example being NetworkShield Firewall.

Having both a firewall and antivirus might not be enough to fully protect your system, since damage can come from various places and newer threats constantly develop. However, it's highly recommended not to install more security applications of the same type or you might risk applying even more damage to the system yourself. With this in mind, make sure you disable Windows Firewall and remove other tools of this kind before trying it out.

NetworkShield Firewall

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After a successful deployment and integration with your system, you can start configuring rules for your Ethernet adapter. The application does not come equipped with its own interface, but runs in locally through your default web browser. Convenient or not, accommodation shouldn't be a problem, since features are clearly visible and well-organized in tabs.

The application is not simply a replacement for Windows Firewall, but can be configured over a local network in order to impose restrictions to website navigation, file sharing or user manipulation. You get to work with firewall rules, web-filter, alerts, users, computers, connections and a few more areas.

Administrators mostly feel at home configuring each field, with thorough details being required such as IP address range, protocols, interfaces to apply to, speed limitations and more. By default, the application gives you the possibility to apply several filters to keep known potentially harmful websites from delivering malicious content.

You can fully take control over what the application has to offer. Each category is based on a set of rules you need to create. In addition, periodic reports can be created and this does not only offer attempts made to bypass your restrictions, but also serves as a way to analyze data packages running through monitored interfaces.

However, you don't really get a sense of security when using the application, with no confirmation options to notify you regarding attempts or if changes you make are in effect. Once you close the default browser, there is no method of knowing whether or not you're protected, nor is there a quick method to temporarily disable features.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that NetworkShield Firewall Serial puts a large variety of security options at your fingertips, but does not really make you feel safe. However, it's a neat solution for small and medium networks to prevent internal and external attempts to steal or corrupt data. If you're willing to take it out for a spin, don't forget to disable or remove already existing firewalls.