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Master Cipher is a reliable software that allows you to encode a particular piece of text and thus protect sensitive information from prying eyes. The software is lightweight, easy to use and also capable of reversing the encryption, then returning the phrases to their original state. The software can only handle plain text.

Master Cipher is easy to use and only requires you to enter the phrases you wish to encrypt. It uses a particular algorithm that is resilient to brute force attacks. This way, you can easily protect sensitive information from being deciphered and shared with unauthorised users.

Master Cipher

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The software only supports encrypting plain text, which means you need to paste the phrases in the dedicated space, then click the ‘Encrypt’ button, in order to obtain the ciphered string. You may view the result in the field near the bottom of the window, from where you may easily copy it to clipboard, then import it to a file or application.

Master Cipher Serial can also return the encrypted phrases to their original state, by reversing the encoding algorithm. The process is similar to the encryption one, only this time, the input is the encoded string and the output is the phrase. No spaces, upper case letters, numbers or punctuation signs are lost during the conversion.

The software does not support importing or exporting data, meaning you need to manually paste in the input and copy the results to clipboard. The encryption results in a continuous string mainly consisting of alpha-numeric characters.

Master Cipher offers a suitable solution when you need a protection method for sensitive information. It can filter the input plain text through a complex encrypting algorithm, resulting in an alpha-numeric character string, which is highly resilient to brute force attacks. Reversing the action can be done within seconds, using the same program and returning the data to its original state.