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Whether you are sharing your computer with other people or simply want to make sure your important files are not accessed by others, you may benefit from using a tool like f0rbidden: Folder Locker.

It is a very simple application, designed to aid you in encrypting various directories on your computer, preventing them from being opened without the correct password.

f0rbidden: Folder Locker

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When first launching the application, you need to provide a custom password, to be used for folder encryption. Then, you can select a specific directory on your computer and lock it, preventing it from being accessed.

Once you have encrypted a folder, it can only be unlocked with this application. You are only required to enter the preset password when launching the program, not every time you decrypt an item.

These is no limit to the number of directories that can be protected. Once encrypted, the folder's icon is changed, indicating that it cannot be accessed.

f0rbidden: Folder Locker Serial allows you to set a 'Password Teller'. This can consist of a number, word or phrase and can be entered to have the application display your password, in case you forget it.

This function can provide you with a backup plan, to help you avoid losing large amounts of important information.

f0rbidden: Folder Locker could not offer a simpler user interface. The main program window takes up minimal screen space and offers easy access to the encryption and decryption functions. However, it is not possible to process more than one folder at a time or to view a list of all protected directories.

Furthermore, while it uses up almost no system resources, the application's startup time is much longer than would be expected for a program of its complexity.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple and straightforward tool that can be used to encrypt various directories on your computer, you should try f0rbidden: Folder Locker.