URC Access Modes 3.0 ~ crack/serial/keygen

The idea of keeping your computer safe isn’t supposed to be limited just to the thought of virus attacks and remote hacking. A lot of damage can be done to your computer by a person that’s sitting at your desk when you’re on a break or away.

Someone with direct access to your computer can always cause more harm that most hackers can and for this reason URC Access Modes was created. It’s an application that is meant to disable the use of important operating system and hardware features to prevent others from tampering with your PC.

URC Access Modes

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The first and fastest way for someone to infect your computer or steal data is by using flash drives or CDs. Anyone can easily copy important files on their USB drive and disappear with it. To prevent this URC Access Modes enables you to disable the use of USB ports and CD/DVD drives. This means that no files are leaked and nothing gets transferred to your system.

With peripheral gateways closed, it only leaves inside attacks to deal with. URC Access Modes Serial allows you to think one step ahead in case someone wants to execute malicious code or make any configuration settings on your system. The application provides you with the means to disable the use of the Windows Registry and Group Policy editors along with the Task Manager and Command prompt.

As the administrator of the system you alone can make these changes and in case someone wants to remove the restrictions you impose you can fit the application with a custom password that prevents that.

All-in-all URC Access Modes might not be a looker but it’s definitely a doer. It can help you keep your computer safe from both external and internal abuse by disabling some core functions of your PC without harming it in the process.