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While a virus's behavior entails crashing your hard disk or stealing certain files from your computer, a keylogger is usually hard to detect and its damage can extend beyond the standard computer infection. Because they are created to steal personal information (credit card information or passwords, for instance), the latter is among the most feared PC security threats.

PerfectGuard is a utility designed to look for all sorts of suspicious activity proactively and scan deeper than the basic virus fingerprint monitoring.


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The security tool comes in a sleek and modern interface that consists of the main window featuring 2 consoles. As the name suggests, the protection console enables you to activate levels of protection against various Internet threats, such as webcam, screen and key loggers.

The management console allows you to preview the log, quarantine and the rules after which the application alerts you. You can enable all or only a few of the aforementioned protection layers and the application starts monitoring for potential risks immediately.

It is important to note that the application does not have the capability to replace a standard antivirus, but rather works as a complimentary tool along with other security utilities you have installed.

Some users could argue that installing an extra security app, would just cause their computer to become slower. Then again, PerfectGuard Serial is compatible with most antivirus solutions out there, including ESET, Avira, Avast, Symantec, Panda, BitDefender, Kaspersky and NOD32.

While the antivirus tracks the default malware fingerprints, this app enhances online protection when you are browsing the Internet. Not only does it alert you when you enter pages that contain malicious content, but it can also detect keyloggers from a wide variety of sources.

Whenever it stumbles against a potential threat, it sends you an alert specifying the problematic file and its activity.

In spite of the fact it cannot replace a standalone antivirus, PerfectGuard can be useful if you need to navigate numerous shady pages and domains.