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In the eventuality that you are using various torrent applications and websites, then there is a chance you heard about the practice of bundling cryptocurrency mining junkware. The main problem with this stems from the fact that they contain javascript that runs in the browser and that tap into your computer's resources to farm various cryptocurrencies.

Anti-WebMiner is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you prevent falling a victim of malicious programs that sneak into your PC to farm different cryptocurrencies.


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For starters, having a malware miner infection means that your computer is working all the time, even when it is in a low-power state, so your resources are never idle. Consequentially, since the machine works full-time for prolonged periods, it is just a matter of time before you get heat and performance issues. In addition, it can also mean an increased electric bill even if you are using your appliance like you normally do.

The idea behind the tool is to install a small code that watches for suspicious activity and that ensures certain javascript from running on your browser. The protection is compatible with all browsers, so you do not need to slow down your apps with unnecessary extensions.

Even though it is not visible at first, it is worth mentioning that the application comes with a blacklist system in the form of a plain text file. You can access it from the app's folder and add or remove websites that you find suspicious.

In case you are using torrent applications or enter websites that frequently offer free software, then you are taking a risk as you cannot be sure if the offers are legit. Anti-WebMiner Serial is a tiny tool that can help prevent this type of junkware from adding your PC to the mining pool and hence, using your resources to other companies or person's profit.