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TRaNGen is an intuitive Random Number Generator, that enables you to create collections of true or pseudo random numbers and save them as several formats. The software requires that you set certain parameters, including number type, file format and value range.

The software can create strings of pseudo random numbers, if you select the PRNG Microsoft mode, or true random, if you choose TRNG Alea I (Araneus) option. The two modes represent Random Number Generator algorithms, capable of returning up to two billion random numbers, within the specified range.


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The software can return several types of numbers, depending on which generating device you select. Thus, the supported number types include Byte (8-bits), Integer (32-bits), signed or unsigned, as well as Float (double precision).

You may save the collection of random numbers to different types of output files, according to the generating mode. Thus, the Binary (BIN) format can be chosen when the number type is Byte, while ASCII supports a single column of text and the Comma Separated Values file (CSV) contains both rows and columns.

When selecting the CSV format for the output file, you also need to mention the number of columns and rows you wish to generate. In the case of BIN or ASCII formats, however, the columns and rows are preset.

Specific lower and upper range limits are available for each number type you select. Thus, if you wish to generate Byte numbers, the range is set between 0 and 255, while for the Integer type the range includes more than 4 billion values. The Float type situates itself within one unit, meaning it can receive any decimal value between 0 and 1. Additionally, you can mention the number of files that are going to be generated.

TRaNGen is capable of generating large collections of random numbers, according to several user settings. It can create pseudo random numbers, following a specific algorithm or true random numbers, according to Araneus Alea I and Crypta OTP models. The software is a powerful number generator and supports multiple types of values, as well as a large quantity of numbers.