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Since most online services require registration with a unique username and password, it can become pretty difficult to keep track of all your credentials. On the bright side of things, there are various specialized applications like Krypt Pad which can keep your account details protected in a database, and organized in groups.

Note that the application is installed via Windows Store, so it’s a good idea to grab this little program only if you’re using Windows 10. Setup is over before you realize, and you can launch it right afterwards. An account must first be configured, as well as a password, which helps prevent others from accessing your credentials when using the same computer.

Krypt Pad

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Needless to say that the database is empty by default, but populating it with custom groups and entries is a walk in the park. A category only requires you to specify a name. A category can hold multiple items, and you can even change the location of an item by editing it.

An item consists of several fields, depending on its type. By default, you can create items based on templates for username and password, website, bank account, credit card, and safe combination. However, these can be customized once you’re in the edit section.

Items can be fitted with multiple fields, besides the default ones. These can be dedicated to passwords, usernames, emails, account numbers, credit card numbers, numbers, or text. There’s a notes field you can use to add extra details about an item.

Color configuration of items makes it easy to tell them in the general view. The search field allows you to quickly find credentials within a crowded database. In case you add a new account, you can use the built-in password generator to create solid security keys.

Databases can be saved to file if you want to carry them around and use on other computers. As mentioned, the database is password-protected, and the application automatically logs you off after a specific amount of idle time.

Taking everything into account, we can state that Krypt Pad Serial is a reliable application you can use to keep various credentials safe. It’s easy to use, with custom categories to create and manage, built-in password generator, and secure connection to your credentials database.