Anti DDoS Guardian 5.0 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Anti DDoS Guardian is intended as a protection tool against DDoS attacks, a common intrusion technique that targets mostly web servers.

Banks, game servers, credit card payment systems, mail and FTP servers are the bull’s eye of this type of attack, with severe consequences that not only affect the companies owning the equipment, but their clients as well.

Anti DDoS Guardian

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Fortunately, there are a few prevention tools that can strengthen web servers with regard to their security, blocking such intrusions before they reach to the servers or the clients.

Such an application is Anti DDoS Guardian, making the necessary arrangements for a safer experience. It can be used by web masters, as well as network administrators in order to monitor and block suspicious attempts.

Anti DDoS Guardian will watch out for HTTP Get & Post attacks, as well as for TCP, UDP and SYN floods and will allow for an informed administration of network resources.

The most important modules of all is the real-time monitor that actively scans for incoming and outgoing traffic, identifying the connections that might pose danger.

Suspicious IP addresses are being blocked and recorded so you can visualize and add them to a custom blacklist in order to prevent it from accessing the server again.

This is complemented by the firewall protection, which is a resultant of your own made up rules. You can set limits on bandwidth, packet rates, number of connections and so on.

Considering all of the above, the conclusion is in favor of Anti DDoS Guardian Serial. It clearly stands out from the crowd through the distinctive set of features that are combined smartly in order to provide comprehensive protection for web servers.