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Delicate information can very easily get into the hands of someone who might use it wrong. As such, various security techniques exist and when it comes to computers there are countless measures. What Keyboard Tracer has to offer in this field is monitoring each and every single button pressed on the keyboard and saving it to a log file so you can later view malicious attempts.

The application comes in a very light package, both when it comes to the installer, as well as for the compact main window. This is normal, seeing how it's meant to stay stealthy and keep an eye on who's typing. In fact, stealth is an advantage, with the possibility to either leave it hidden in the system tray or have the icon removed and only let it run as a process.

Keyboard Tracer

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Accessing the settings menu lets you configure stealth methods mentioned above, as well as choosing a custom combination of keys in order to be able to toggle the main window. Additionally, you can set a different location for the log file or even make the application automatically run at startup.

By default, the application starts recording what you type in as soon as it is launched, but with no possibility to set a hotkey to quickly make it record or not. The main window also displays running time, as well as the date and hour when the event was put in motion.

The log screen is easy to understand, with all entries sorted out according to several criteria and displayed in a table along with the input. However, it gets a little difficult to view the whole text in a single row, with no possibility to directly get a better view without actually opening the log file with an external application.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Keyboard Tracer Serial is pretty practical, but it won't serve much in big businesses. It's best if used on your home computer in order to view attempts to unlock your desktop, for example, or simply test out how fast you can type and how many buttons you pressed in that amount of time.