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Users who are passionate about geometry and wish to access an easy way to visualize 3D shapes and objects could seek for an available software solution. SimplePotter3D is an application that was developed to offer people a straightforward way of generating and visualizing three-dimensional objects. Providing a basic package, it will enable one to easily create and display 3D shapes and adjust their appearance.

SimplePotter3D presents people with a simple interface that leaves the impression that it is still under development, as several menus have their names spelled incorrectly. Furthermore, upon running it for the first time, users must choose a preferred screen size.


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File size < 1 MB
Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

However, the resizing operation cannot be made unless people use the on-screen controls, which increase/decrease the interface size in small increments. This can be highly frustrating, as resizing the interface could take quite a considerable time. Fortunately, SimplePotter3D will memorize the defined size and it will load the interface accordingly each time.

Users will be able to create spheres, cubes and “turningdraws”, but the application only offers predefined shapes and objects, with no configurable dimensions. The “turningdraws“ will allow one to manually input vertices connected by segments and then convert the input to 3D shapes, but the utility will erroneously transform the said drawings into completely unrelated 3D objects.

More than that, SimplePotter3D Serial will not allow one to generate any new 3D objects unless the current layout has been previously cleared using the provided command. Again, this is frustrating, as one needs to lose time before generating new objects.

Clearly, SimplePotter3D will not make a valid choice for those who wish to generate 3D objects such as spheres or cubes and visualize them. It will offer a rudimentary interface that leaves much to be desired and provides counter-intuitive handling. Featuring only two designs: sphere or cube, SimplePotter3D will also offer a separate “ turningdraw” module that will allow users to draw segments freely and convert them to 3D objects. However, the resulted objects are entirely unrelated and this fact contributes to making this utility a poor choice for 3D object generation and handling.