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Dedicated to professionals as well as math students, statistiXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in that can be used to analyze statistical data. Its goal is to simplify the way you examine statistical information instead of spending time studying specialized manuals. Thanks to Office's spreadsheet application, it becomes easy to enter, manipulate and calculate data in a comfortable working environment that offers options to print documents and export them to other formats, like PDF.

The tool features components for analysis of variance, hierarchical clustering, contingency tables, correlation, descriptive statistics, discriminant and factor analysis, goodness of fit, non-parametric tests, principal components, regression, and t tests. They can be easily accessed from the ribbon bar of Excel.


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When it comes to analysis of variance, you can perform a full factorial univariate or multivariate ANOVA or ANCOVA, using repeated measures or by specifying your own factor interactions. For hierarchical clustering, you can set the data set and type, similarity / distance, power and cluster method of the input, along with the output range, text and graph dendrogram of the output.

Two- or n-way contingency tables can be analyzed by statistiXL Serial . You can also inspect the bivariate relationships between pairs or sets of Y variables or while taking into account or controlling too, as well as investigate frequency analysis and plots or descriptive statistics and plots for linear, circular or distributions.

The add-in comes bundled with a wide array of options and configuration settings dedicated to statistics analysis. It also includes a comprehensive help manual that explains every module available. We haven't come across any compatibility issues with Windows 10 or Microsoft Excel 2016 in our tests. Taking everything into account, statistiXL should meet the requirements of all users interested in statistical analysis.