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Various tools of measurement are available for situations when precision is a must. Truth be told, the computer offers the most accurate result. In order for this to happen, specialized applications such as Bersoft Image Measurement must be used.

The name of the application is self explanatory. However, the treasure is hidden in the user interface. At no time will you feel the need to bring up help manuals, due to the intuitive design.

Bersoft Image Measurement

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From the most simple options, like segment measuring, you find tools that indicate surface not only for geometrical figures, but anything in between boundaries you draw. Furthermore, an integrated function gives you the possibility to add notes, text fields, and even a pencil to draw freely.

In order to carefully align measuring tools mentioned above, grid can be toggled on, as well as a ruler to help you out.

The amount of choices you have when importing a file is breathtaking. You can even add specialized images, such as DICOM, which make it useful for a larger area of activity. In addition, videos can be measured too, so if you have a recording device connected, distance info can be obtained in real time.

In case a lot of measuring needs to be done it can get difficult to spot needed information from an image. For this not to be a problem, you can open up an integrated text editor that helps you write down any result, and save it to a text file for later use.

To sum it up, Bersoft Image Measurement Serial is a practical tool when you need to carefully analyze a picture. Its user friendly interface and the various tools you can take advantage of, make it an application worth your time.