MITCalc 1.73 ~ crack/serial/keygen

MITCalc is a tool created to work with Microsoft Excel in order to help you perform a wide range of basic or complex calculations in a simple and straightforward manner.

With it you are able to undertake calculations for activities correlated to mechanical engineering as it helps with design for spur, gear, worm gear, planetary gearing, v-belt, chain drives, springs, beam, shells, shaft and much more.


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MITCalc is an Excel tool that installs after a short and easy to manage process and is ready to use immediately after. Once you start it up, the application greets you with a screen from where you can choose one of the many individual computational modules and get going with your task.

A big advantage that MITCalc brings is the intuitive structure of each module. Regardless of the one you choose, it’s displayed in a step by step process, similar to that which you would normally have to follow when doing the calculations manually.

They come split as ‘Input’, ‘Result’ and ‘Additions’ sections, and allow you to not only follow the progress of the task but also make sure that you don’t miss or skip any section of the problem.

Since it’s an application that runs using Excel, MITCalc Serial enables you to insert computational data in the same simple way in which you enter it in spreadsheets. A simple click in the cell and typing the value does the trick.

From the moment you add the first values to the last, MITCalc keeps track of any change you make to the parameters and as you progress, it constantly updates the results while you make your way through each step.

With the above to consider and a lot more to discover about MITCalc, it's safe to say that whether you’re an engineering student or a professional, this tool can certainly come in handy.