MITCalc-Bevel Gears 1.22 Crack + Activator Updated

As its name makes it quite clear, MITCalc-Bevel Gears is a useful utility that allows you to perform advanced strength calculations for technical systems that use bevel gears with straight, helical or curved teeth.

Before anything else, you should know that even though this utility comes with its own installer and it can be launched just like any other app via a simple executable file, it also requires the presence of Microsoft Excel in order to run on your computer's system.

MITCalc-Bevel Gears

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The most noteworthy fact about this utility is definitely its user-friendliness. The application provides you with a very pragmatic yet functional (Excel-based, of course) environment and it's perfectly capable of instantly determining all the calculations based on your project input data and its own set of algorithms.

Just like all MITCalc apps, the Input section is marked with green, the Result section with yellow, and the Additions section with orange. It's also worth pointing out that the application comes with support for a wide array of 2D and 3D apps by providing you with tons of export options.

For example, you can easily export your projects to all versions of AutoCAD, as well as to Ashlar Graphite, TurboCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, just to name a few.

Start adding the data in the designated fields, and you're bound to discover a very straightforward and efficient app that can quickly determine all sorts of coefficients for both static and dynamic safety, a complete set of parameters used for correcting various toothing errors, as well as the temperature rise and other parameters of the existing gears.

Taking everything into account, MITCalc-Bevel Gears Serial is a user-friendly, efficient, and useful piece of software. It's true that it's highly dependent on Excel and some users might consider this to be a drawback. However, there's no denying the overall simplicity of the app, regardless of your experience with Microsoft's spreadsheet app.