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In our modern times, the study of various disciplines implies the use of innovative techniques and technologies, often being accompanied by software utilities that are meant to facilitate the understanding of theoretical concepts and allow experimenting in a novel manner.

For those involved in the field of molecular biology, working with PCR primers to design and analyze them can become a lot easier through a program like Primer Premier. It comes with a neatly organized interface which puts at your fingertips all the functions and allows you to carry out a variety of tasks as fast as your computer allows it.

Primer Premier

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An important mention insofar as the system resource usage is concerned has to be made at this point, more precisely that Primer Premier will put some serious strain on your PC. Being fully developed in Java has a lot to do with this and you should make sure there's enough free memory and, as much as possible, other applications are not running while you work with this software.

As soon as you import a specific sequence file or open an existing project, the utility scans and displays all the data inside the main window, where it is structured in several tabs, depending on the options you choose. The primer properties, BLAST information and SNP information each have their corresponding tab, where all the details are displayed.

When it comes to the analysis part, Primer Premier Serial is equipped with the necessary tools for performing advanced primer, BLAST and template structure searches, evaluating predesigned primers and more.

All in all, through a solid feature set, this software solution can be of great help for those who need such a program. Nonetheless, the number of users is very limited due to the fact that it is a highly specialized piece of kit.