Netcdf Extractor 2.1 Crack + Serial Key Download

Since the computer became a powerful multifunctional tool, specialized applications got developed to meet most demands out there, including agricultural and meteorological domains. As such, Netcdf Extractor comes as a useful program with which to view and extract data from NC meteorological files.

The setup process is over before you realize, allowing you to quickly take the program for a spin. As soon as it’s launched, the interface shows up, and you easily figure out what things stand for. There are a couple of tabs, one for single and one for multi file extraction.

Netcdf Extractor

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The workspace is also well-organized, with several panels to display variables and loaded files, the content of the files, as well as the output options. Drag and drop is not supported as an import option, so you need to use one of the two dedicated browse dialogs, for single or multi file extraction.

Using this application you’re able to extract all kinds of data from NC files. Additionally, you benefit from a calculator with which to generate the average and the sum values of the selected data in a given grid. This step isn’t mandatory, but it can come in very handy.

Once you load a file or more, its variables are enlisted in a side panel, allowing you to expand and collapse variable groups. The rest of the space is fitted with a couple of tabs for data viewing and extraction, while the multi file extractor holds everything in a single panel.

Tools in the workspace let you choose the dimension and details to extract, and whether to perform calculus on sum or average values. Data is shown in an organized table, and you can choose to export everything to Excel.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Netcdf Extractor Serial is a nifty little tool which allows the comfortable and practical viewing and extraction of data inside NC files. Multiple files can be processed at a time, making this application worth your while overall.