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InnerSoft STATS is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you compute statistics for parameter estimation.

The utility reveals a well-structured suite of features. Its main window is divided into three parts, namely Project Manager which stores information about your projects, Worksheet for entering data, and Output for checking out the results of the tests.

InnerSoft STATS

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The program gives you the possibility to work with descriptive statistics, like mean, variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, quartiles, percentiles, skewness, kurtosis, mode, interquartile range, and sum of squares.

What’s more, it offers support for one- and two-sample, one-Way ANOVA with multiple comparisons method (Scheffe, Tukey HSD, Sidak, Fisher LSD, Bonferroni), equality of means, homoscedasticity (Levene's test, Brown–Forsythe test for equality of variances, Bartlett's test), and bivariate correlation tests.

Plus, you can carry out tests related to correlation coefficients, Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) forecast, conditional value at risk (CVaR), expected shortfall (ES), component value at risk, marginal value at risk, and parametric value by the variance-covariance method.

The project manager allows you to browse throughout the entire structure of your projects via a tree-like display, while the worksheet can be used for cutting, pasting, copying, inserting or deleting cells, undoing or redoing your actions, and importing/exporting data from/to XLS file format. The output panel allows you to print and import/export information from/to XML file format.

All things considered, InnerSoft STATS Serial helps you calculate various statistics using a set of useful tools. If you find some of the configuration settings too difficult to decode, you can have a look at the built-in help manual. The application is suitable especially for mathematicians, statisticians or other scientists that need to compute parameters.