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Specialized applications can help you prepare and test out all your projects in a virtual environment before taking them out into the open. For instance, Cheewoo Part Simulator is what you need in order to test out CNC cutting paths by simply loading a code file and running the simulation.

Setup doesn’t keep you busy for a long while, and you can take the application for a spin right afterwards. In terms of visual design, the application keeps things quite simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed by anything. A side panel is where functions you load get enlisted, while the rest of the space represents the preview area.

Cheewoo Part Simulator

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The application doesn’t have to be connected to a CNC machine to function. It’s core function is to simply mimic a cutting patch based on a set of instructions, just so you can carefully analyze if everything goes well before using actual parts with a CNC machine.

Needless to say that you need to load a source file for the program to work. You can load any NC code file, which is a regular format holding CNC machine instructions. There are no options to manually insert functions though, as this is against the actual purpose and makes things way too complicated.

Only one file can be processed at a time, but this isn’t really an inconvenience. All lines of code are visible, and you can tell which steps does what. The settings menu lets you choose from a total of three different speed options for the simulation. Hitting start puts the process in motion. You can pause at any moment for analysis, and then resume.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Cheewoo Part Simulator Serial is sure to come in handy to complete building your CNC projects before sending the code to the actual machine. It’s lightweight, and only requires the NC code file to start running the simulation.