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If you are a chemist, a student or a professor and your work environment requires constant studying, you must be aware that third-party applications can have a major role in simplifying some of your tasks.

In the above situation, Effectopedia is one of the software solutions that can help you achieve convenient results without significant efforts.


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Effectopedia is a lightweight application that can help you study and understand the adverse outcomes in various scientifical scenarios by providing you with encyclopedia-like pathways and helpful descriptions.

As visualizing the information usually helps you memorize certain information better, this program displays and enables you to generate diagrams in order to familiarize yourself with the enclosed details.

This application comes with a plain interface that does not offer many hints regarding its overall usability, which can be a little disconcerting for some users that might fail to understand how to operate its functions.

It is worth mentioning that since this application is written in Java, you need Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your computer in order to make use of this applications. You can opt for the portable version or even download an installer that deploys the application to your system.

Aside from enabling you to view adverse outcome pathways, this application also lets you create new ones or customize existing projects. It is possible to add new chemicals, structural alerts, biological perturbations, molecular initiating events, key events, endpoints, adverse outcomes, in-silico models, in-chemico or in-vitro tests, in-vivo or ex-vivo tests and also test response mappings.

All things considered, Effectopedia Serial is a lightweight application that enables you to study and understand adverse outcomes by offering you intuitive, customizable pathways in an encyclopedia-like manner. It requires Java on your PC, comes with a plain interface and requires you to have a certain degree of knowledge regarding chemistry and medicine.