Virtual Quantum Processor 1.0.0 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Virtual Quantum Processor is a Windows application that can be used to add quantum superposition states, subtract, multiply and divide them, as well as simulate the operation of quantum logic gates.

First of all, in order to proceed with the software’s installation, you will need to set up .NET Framework if the component is not already available on your computer.

Virtual Quantum Processor

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The program consists of a main window where data needs to be inserted and results are displayed, and several smaller windows are brought up when the user wants to work with logic gates.

After entering a set of values in the fields on the left side of the UI, you can press the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division buttons to perform any of these operations. You can view the results on the right and extract them manually.

Virtual Quantum Processor Serial can also be used to simulate the operation of a number of quantum logic gates, namely Hadamard, Pauli-x/NOT, Pauli-X, Pauli-Z, Phase-Shift, CNOT, Toffoli, SWAP, sqrtNOT and Fredkin (CSWAP).

The program provides you with a short explanation on how these quantum logic gates work. Some of them transform classical bits into quantum bits, while others simply modify the initial quantum superposition by applying a unitary operation.