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Designed for ARM Cortex-M processors, CooCox CoFlash is a free desktop application that facilitates methods to help you view, edit and program micro-controllers. It features a graphical and command-line interface.

The utility permits custom-made and flash programming algorithms (whether it's internal or external flash), in addition to mainstream debug adapters: Colink, CoLinkEx, Nu-Link, Nu-Link-Me, Nu-Link-pro, FTDI, ST-Link, ST-Link/V2, e-link32, and Open-SDA. Colink, CoLinkEx, FTDI, ST-Link, ST-Link/V2 and e-link32 require PC USB drivers. The supported devices are Active-semi, Atmel, Energy Micro, Freescale, Holtek, Nuvoton, NXP, Spansion, ST, TI, and Toshiba.

CooCox CoFlash

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BIN and ELF image files are supported. Plus, the tool remembers configured settings on exit.

In CLI mode, it's possible to erase the flash device, program and verify BIN files, and perform blank checkups. As far as the graphical interface is concerned, CooCox CoFlash Serial adopts a standard window with two panes for the configuration settings and commands.

You can select a device from the list, set up the USB adapter, port, maximum clock and reset mode, add new flash algorithms from a predefined list, as well as open BIN or ELF images to put together a flash algorithm. For instance, it can be instructed to automatically erase and verify, as well as to run after the program.

The list of supported adapters and devices, along with instructions on how to write flash algorithms can be found at the developer's website.