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Created by Facebook a couple of years ago, GraphQL is a query language designed to provide a simple way of building client-server apps as well as for fetching data from the back-end. Its main purpose is to offer a flexible environment for describing the applications' capabilities and data requirements.

That said, if all of this sounds right and you're interested in working with GraphQL, you should give GraphiQL a quick chance to prove its worth. In short, this official in-browser IDE allows you to explore, edit and test GraphQL queries and mutations.


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However, if using an IDE (be it a simple one) in your browser is not especially appealing to you, you can try GraphiQL.App - a reasonably lightweight wrapper around GraphiQL that's built using web technologies, and that brings all of its functionality directly to your computer's desktop.

Evidently, GraphiQL.App Serial provides you with GraphiQL's full functionality, and the same overall layout, as well. The right pane provides you with instant documentation possibilities, so you can explore the types and fields of query and mutations.

There's also a JSON Viewer that boasts a nifty as-you-type debugger that instantly highlights syntax errors and provides you with relevant hints. You're also granted the possibility of adding new or editing already existing HTTP headers.

To conclude, GraphiQL.App may just be a simple wrapper around a GraphQL's in-browser IDE (GraphiQL), but the truth of the matter is that it really has the potential to improve the way you work with the aforementioned tool since it allows you to benefit from everything it has to offer directly from the desktop and without having to use a web browser.