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Pyarmor is a simple to use tool which is capable of importing or running encrypted Python script files. Moreover, it can apply encoding algorithms to your Python scripts, in order to help you protect them before you can distribute them. You may also generate license files with custom validity conditions.

Pyarmor is dedicated to users who create their applications, components, scripts or any file with the help of the Python programming language. You may use this application to encrypt the files, in order to protect their content and your intellectual property, by encoding the scripts.


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Pyarmor uses two alternative methods of applying protection: converting the Python script file to an encrypted type of item, with the .PYX extension. Otherwise, you may add specific files to the script and distribute it as a package: the program can create and attach license files, with various validity terms.

While Pyarmor Serial can modify the package in which the Python script is distributed, it hardly applies any modifications to the script itself. In fact, the program is not a script editor and does not allow you to make changes within the files.

The program allows you to encrypt files, but to also open and run them as if no protection was applied. Moreover, it can run or import encrypted Python scripts in any target machine, only in specified machines or before a specified date. This aspect can be controlled by the creation of the license files: bound to a hard disk serial number or by an expiration date.

Pyarmor comes as a wizard, which can guide you through all the steps of the process, for your convenience. The steps are not restricted by certain requirements, so you may easily skip either of them and customize the process. Moreover, the program allows you to save the files at any location on your computer.