Power Factor Correction Calculator 1.06 Crack With Activator Latest 2020

Power Factor Correction is a calculator that can help you find out how much energy you are wasting and how much money you can save.

The interface of the program is outdated and resembles the classical design that was used in the Windows ’95 and ’98 operating systems. Aside from this, the application is actually pretty easy to use, as long as you understand what the utility requires you to input.

Power Factor Correction Calculator

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The Help contents of the application leave a lot to be desired, seeing that a small Notepad file opens with confusing instructions.

In order to view how much you can save every month, you have to select the voltage that runs in your house (in Europe, for example, the default is 220V) and the cost in dollars for a KVA (= 1000 volt amps) in your country. Next, the application asks for “Kva” and “cos” and this is actually where a lot of people may encounter issues. “Kva” refers to the apparent power of your system, while “cos” refers to the power factor. Both these values can be obtained from your electrician.

After you have entered all this data into the program, hit “Calculate” and you are going to be able to find out useful things such as “Reactive Current,” “Reactive Power,” “Present Power,” “Total KW Available” and “Monthly Savings”.

You can enable and disable the controls, so that you do not enter by mistake certain values.

Although Power Factor Correction’s interface is a bit disappointing, the program can be quite useful when it comes to calculating the power factor of your electrical system and the amount of money you can save monthly.