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Microsoft Windows allows users to customize most of its icons and pointers, however, the process is not usually as quick, easy or straightforward as it could be. Software like Microangelo On Display can help make this task more intuitive and user-friendly.

The main window of the application showcases the application's customization options. Users can change settings belonging to one of five categories: Desktop Icons, System Icons, Icon Text, Icon Overlays and Mouse Pointers. The System/Icon Cache item enables users to view system information and rebuild the icon cache in case Windows does not properly display the updated icons.

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The Desktop Icons category enables users to select which system icons or shortcuts, such as My Computer, Recycle Bin or Control Panel should be displayed on the desktop. It can also provide Internet Explorer's icon with extra functions, like the option to start with or without addons being available by right-clicking said icon.

Users can access the Icon Overlays category in order to change the default overlays, for example, the 'arrow' overlay, which indicates that an icon is a shortcut. Other overlays which can be customized include the share and security shield ones.

System Icons, such as the ones used for default programs and icons or for the desktop can be changed from the their dedicated category.

The last two tabs enable users to modify the default mouse pointers and icon text. The latter can be customized in terms of font, size and color or shadow.

Making use of the application's above-mentioned features is easy and intuitive. The menus and categories are simple to navigate and pretty much self-explanatory. A 'Windows default' option is provided in most of them in order to easily revert to the defaults.

A context-menu item is also provided, in order to make it easier to change specific icons and access the application's main window.

This application provides users with a simple and easy way of configuring their desktop and system icons, as well as overlays and icon fonts. Its simple, clean interface and comprehensive features can appeal to both advanced and inexperienced users.