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Embroidery is a still a popular hobby despite the old fashioned nature of it, yet it requires a degree of skill that means if someone wants to make an embroidered image, they will need to practice a great deal, with few if any digital solutions. Cross Stitch Professional Platinum Publisher is an application that allows users to convert images into an embroided style format, making them appear as if they were stitched, as well as drawing patterns in an embroidered style.

Users do not have to know anything about embroidery to enjoy Cross Stitch Professional Platinum Publisher. The drawing tools and pattern creation feature is an enjoyable drawing tool that looks attractive, providing painting style programs with a fun twist.

Cross Stitch Professional Platinum Publisher

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The range of features is quite advanced, instead of brush strokes and different drawing tools, there are different stitch types. Instead of coloring options, you have different colored thread. Anyone familiar with any kind of image creation or drawing program will most likely find features they recognize, just slightly modified with an embroidery theme.

The conversion tool is very simple to use, the import function allows users to select an already existing image file which is brought into the application. A series of options are available regarding the width and height of stitches, fabric count, number of colors and the border dithering. The options for converting an image include a preview window that can be updated with the changes, showing users what they will receive.

Cross Stitch Professional Platinum Publisher Serial can convert the contents of the clipboard, various CSV formats, spreadsheets, and even batch images into the embroidered style. The program provides a versatile range of options for format, as well as customizable editing tools to add more embroidery to them after they have been converted.

All in all, Cross Stitch Professional Platinum Publisher is not only well made, with a modern and accessible interface, it is also something most users will not be familiar with. Most people image embroidery as a more old fashioned hobby, being able to see it created on a computer is both interesting and entertaining. Anyone interested in art and exploring a new creative medium will be very pleased with Cross Stitch Professional Platinum Publisher and how it performs.