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SewCat is a catalog for various embroidery files that can assist users in organizing their documents in a virtual environment. The application supports most common formats and allows users to view the source files, before actually storing them in a virtual catalog.

The software is useful for anyone that employs such specialized files. It is particularly valuable for sewing machines owners. Users with ample databases will also find it very appealing, as its virtual catalogs take up very little space, yet allow one to organize files and improve the workflow.


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SewCat features a very simple interface that is mainly based on frames. A treeview frame allows users to select their embroidery files, while a right-sided “Virtual Catalog” frame allows them to actually process entries. The GUI is highly intuitive and new users will find creating new albums an extremely easy task!

The software creates virtual catalog projects with the program-specific SCC extension, which users can employ in order to record various embroidery files. The application supports most common home sewing machines formats, such as JEF, PES, SEW and SHV, but also professional files, such as ART, DEM, KRZ and PSF.

Once files in the supported formats are located via the left-sided treeview frame, users ca move them to the virtual catalog. One of the great features of this tool is that one can create subfolders within the album.

Another powerful function is the ability to process ZIP files, since embroidery files are regularly kept in archives. Once a virtual catalog has been created, keywords can be defined in order to facilitate searching through stored items.

All in all, SewCat Serial is an effective embroidery files manager that can be employed in order to better manage sewing documents.