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Digital utilities have been applied to a wide variety of projects, including business forays, and have so far proven themselves as reliable tools. Particularly valuable uses have been had in the industry sector, where small calculation errors can result in significant financial loses.

CutList Plus fx is a tab-based woodworking assistant that can assist professionals with costs management, as it allows one to avoid wasted materials by generating precise cutting diagrams. The application comes with multiple browsable tabs that store information inserted by users.

CutList Plus fx

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Based on this data, the program automatically generates cutting diagrams. Where applicable, multiple layouts are created, thus allowing users the freedom to choose from multiple viable setups. As users insert specific information, such as the wood parts employed and their corresponding physical characteristics, more options become available, such as the “B.O.M.” and the “Pricing” expenses tabs.

This allows one to employ the program as a detailed costs manager, as all the project parts can be customized to display expenses information. Financial reports with essential data, such as product prices, total sums and relevant taxes can be generated.

When satisfied with their work, users can export projects to a variety of documents, including CSVs, TXTs and DXFs (for diagrams). This is a notable feature, as it allows one to transfer graphs to third parties and even process them with more advanced programs, such as AutoCAD.

To sum up, CutList Plus fx Serial is a valuable tool for woodworking professionals who require a wood parts costs management tool or a cutting assistant.