Pharmacy Manager 5.0.0 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Pharmacy Manager is a basic yet useful piece of software created to help you manage your business more easily, allowing you you to deal with purchases, sales, product requests and periodic reports from a single location.

The application displays a very simple and accessible GUI, with most of its functionality being sufficiently easy to understand, that it should pose minimal difficulty for inexperienced individuals.

Pharmacy Manager

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The main window of Pharmacy Manager groups its components under dedicated menus, so you can focus on ‘Purchase’, ‘Sales’, ‘Stock’, ‘Search’ or ‘Reports’, in just a few clicks.

For starters, you need to configure the utility from the ‘File’ menu, by inputting your pharmacy’s name and adding stockists or doctors to your contact list. You can also edit the demand list, being able to learn when you need to purchase highly-requested medicines.

Moreover, you can add every product you acquire using the ‘Purchase’ menu, inputting the name, producer, quantity, price and other relevant details. Should you need to find one specific item, you can use the ‘Search’ tools to locate it based on its name or bill number.

Pharmacy Manager Serial also helps you deal with ‘Sales’, adding every product you sell to patients and being able to generate, then print the invoice in just a few clicks. You can even view a list of ‘Daily Medicine Sales’ or search through the performed transactions.

In the ‘Stock’ menu, you can learn what products you currently have in storage and their quantity, the expired items and the demand list. Similarly, you can generate monthly or yearly ‘Reports’ of purchases or sales, to get an overview of your activity.

To summarize, Pharmacy Manager is a simple and efficient program which you can resort to for running your business, enabling you to deal with sales, purchases and other necessary tasks.