Thermo-Prop 1.4.5 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Regardless of the project that you're working on, the Internet is a never ending source of resources and helping material, especially if you're interested in chemistry.

One of the applications that could prove helpful is Thermo-Prop. It's a neat software solution that helps you obtain various details about chemical elements or alloy properties.


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The application installs quickly and it sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with lots of tools and features that you can check out. It even has come customization options, you can adjust the colors of elements, alloys and transfers or adjust some reporting options.

It comes with the option to adjust the layout of output content and enable header, annotations and normalize information. You can also have the application always confirm actions and enable the use of metafiles.

You can browse through various items in the table of elements, they're all displayed by their scientific shortcuts. Simply type on an element and pick the sampling mode, choose from solid or liquid.

The application will display details, like the energy value, atomic weight, melting temperature and heat of fusion. It also shows you a graph with information, you can view details on Gibbs energy values, enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, conductivity and even density.

It comes with a separate section that allows you to pick from various binary alloys and adjust parameters for the cooling rate and percentage of solute.

Once you're specified these parameters, you can view information on the atomic weight, cooling rate of solidification and heat capacity value. It comes with the option to view physicochemical graphs and you can save reports in text documents, bmp, wmf or emf files. Reports can also be printed easily.

All in all, Thermo-Prop Serial is a very useful software solution that helps you get details on chemical elements or alloy properties. It comes with tools for saving or printing reports easily.