Word Learner Fix Crack + Activator (Updated)

Learning a new language is not easy, especially if you are aiming to do it on your own. Therefore, any help is welcomed. With that thought in mind, the developer of Word Learner Fix created a software utility that enables you to create custom dictionaries as you progress learning new words, and then take tests to evaluate your knowledge.

Upon launch, Word Learner Fix prompts you to choose the database file. You can either choose one of the files provided in the package, or create an empty database and populate it yourself.

Word Learner Fix

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Before using the application, you should navigate to the "Administration" tab and create a new user for yourself, with a custom password that you can remember. Note that by default, Word Learner Fix automatically logs in with the admin's account. Additional configuration settings are found in the designated tab, so take a look there to configure the CSV delimiter, modify the user password, or change the database file.

Once you are done configuring Word Learner Fix, you can get back to learning. The application offers you the possibility to create one or more custom dictionaries containing one or more sub-groups to store all the words you have learned so far.

While adding new entries to the database is not difficult, please note that you will have add a new dictionary and a new sub-group beforehand. On the downside, the application does not offer any automatic suggestions when selecting the dictionary or the sub-group, which means you will have to type in their name every time you want to add a new word.

The "Learning" tab is where you can test your knowledge. Just enter the name of the dictionary and the sub-group to start the evaluation. Word Learner Fix Serial logs statistics about all your answers, which will be displayed in the designated tab once the test is ended. In fact, there is an evolution graph that shows you how you have done so far and what is your progress.

Word Learner Fix is a handy tool to have around if you plan on learning new words in a foreign language. It might need improvements here and there but, with a few fixes, it can become a valuable asset to those who plan on enriching their vocabulary, no matter the language