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While the popular Google Translate service is relied upon by a great number of users, there are many advantages to a UWP app that offers native support for multiple devices, as well as several other useful features.

Translatium is an application designed to offer a complete solution for users who need to translate words, phrases or text between numerous languages and dialects. Available for both desktop and mobile devices, it is easy to use and packs an impressive set of features.


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Grade 5.0
415 5.0
Downloads count 4249
File size < 1 MB
Systems Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit

At present, the application is capable of translating text between over 150 languages, as well as many regional dialects. No matter what you need to translate, there is a very good chance that this app can do the job.

Because so many dialects are included, Translatium enables you to generate accurate translations when dealing with texts in a certain flavor or a particular language. For instance, there are over twenty varieties of Spanish for you to choose from.

Translatium is capable of detecting text in images, whether loaded from your hard drive or taken with a camera, using OCR technology. Translations can be performed in this manner between multiple languages, but you should consult this list to view which are currently supported.

The application also allows you to use a sound recording device to input text, and it includes a text-to-speech engine that lets you listen to the translations.

If you are not sure how to type a certain character, you have the option of drawing it, a very useful feature when dealing with languages you are not familiar with.

The app’s UI features a minimalistic design that is sure to be appreciated by first-time users. Every important function is easily accessible, and you can even increase the size of translated text when reading.

The optional darker theme is great for users who find the default background to be too bright, and there are also quite a few color schemes to choose from.

In conclusion, Translatium Serial does pretty much everything you can expect from a translation app. It supports a considerable number of languages and dialects, while also offering other useful features, such as camera translation and handwriting recognition.