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There is a fine line between having a rich music collection and a messy one, and the difference mainly consists of how easily you can find your way around your tracks, albums, and compilations.

And while keeping them all in tip-top shape might be rather time-consuming under normal circumstances, there are software utilities that can assist you in the process and make the whole thing a breeze.

My Music Collection

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My Music Collection is a software utility that helps you keep track of all your music by creating easy-to-navigate databases. Setting up the program is an undemanding task, with the GUI you are welcomed with being equally easy to figure out.

The menus at the top of the main window make the program’s purpose quite transparent, as several assumptions can be made simply by exploring them: the app allows you not only to keep a record of your music but also group it based on various filters, generate statistics on its specific, and watch over albums you may have loaned to your friends.

Creating a database bundling your entire music collection is quite easy. You can add releases by entering artist names, barcodes, or CDs, or simply opt for manual registration. What is important to point out is that you have consistent resources at your disposal, which means you can provide little info on the artist or song you are interested in, and their profile is automatically completed by fetching data from the Internet.

As for the way your music collection is displayed, you may want to know that there are multiple view modes, and you can decide whether it is shown as thumbs, cards, shelves, albums, or tracks. Aside from that, sorting your data by resorting to filters is possible. You can opt for multiple parameters to neatly organize your collection, with release name, date, year, label, barcode, media type, price, quantity, owner, and other details being available for you to choose from.

In order to have full control of what happens inside your collection, you obviously need to have an overview of its contents. You may be interested to find out that various statistics on the release, track, disc count, total and average price, loans, and more can be generated and displayed as column, bar, pie, line, or area diagrams.

Regarding the loan editor, it should be pointed out that it can keep count of your friends list so that you can always know where your music is at any point, with printing options being provided as well.

All in all, My Music Collection Serial is an all-encompassing music catalog you can resort to if you want to create and manage large databases bundling all sorts of media. The intuitive music organizer comes with a multitude of features letting you sort your tracks, albums, and artists, and doubles as a loan manager, being able to export your data as HTML, PDF, Excel, text files, or XML.