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Mathematical calculations require a serious amount of concentration and they can be quite time consuming, especially if you are dealing with more complex operations involving equations, functions or matrices. In addition, you are always prone to mistakes, which can ruin the entire exercise and force you to start over.

PowerCalc is a software utility that enables you to perform such calculations directly on your computer, by providing you with a large variety of predefined functions and expressions. Hence, you can make use of statistics and trigonometric functions, as well as integrate the desired expressions. In addition, the entire equation can be written as a single, continuous line, without having to break it down into smaller bits.


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Another useful feature is the application's ability to warn you about any errors you might have missed in your expressions, by displaying alert messages informing you about the type and location of the mistake. Thus, you are able to quickly find and fix the errors, without having to retype the entire equation from scratch.

Beside the usual numerical operations, you can also handle matrices inside the application and perform a wide array of operations on them, involving anything from linear algebra, to eigenvalues and singular value decomposition. The matrices can be easily created by using the spreadsheet-like interface, which separates each value into its own cell.

Furthermore, you can plot 2D functions and trace values inside the application, using the provided coordinates axis and the gridded layout. Here you can design and visualize functions by drawing lines, using different colors for each separate instance. In addition, you are also allowed to use a lower and an upper bound, as well as modify the line thickness and the foreground color.

All in all, there are very few things PowerCalc Serial does not have an answer for, especially when it comes to mathematics. Thanks to the large amount of features and the support for almost any type of operation, the utility is a complete solution for anyone who has to deal with complicated expressions and equations on a regular basis.