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Extensive CD collections require a long amount of spare time to properly organize and catalog, since they contain a lot information that needs to be careful sorted through.

abeMeda enables you to keep track of your music, movies and other documents by storing all of their data into a database on your computer.


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Manually sorting through a stack of movie DVDs to find a specific piece of information, such as the release date or its duration, becomes unfeasible once your collection reaches a certain size. By keeping all the data on your PC, everything is only a click away all the time and you can use the integrated search function to find what you are looking for.

Whether it's MP3 metadata, or the EXIF information of a photograph, abeMeda scours the database for any matches and instantly displays the results on your computer screen.

Geotags usually get automatically assigned to photos when they are taken, depending on the technical capabilities of the camera. If your pictures lack the appropriate geotags, abeMeda Serial enables you to manually add the coordinates and write them to the EXIF data. These coordinates allow you to perform a search for all the pictures taken within a certain distance of the location and analyze different viewpoints.

The application can also store and display 3D details for images, such as tilt and azimuth, to give you a better understanding of the surroundings and the positioning of the camera.

abeMeda comes with an abundance of useful features that allow you to organize your pictures, videos and music collection. The created databases can hold plenty information about any type of document, including artist name, cover image, geolocation, metatags and EXIF data.

The application runs on few system resources and it is simple enough to be used by anyone with minimal computer knowledge.